Дипак Чопра

Deepak Chopra & Lisa Bonet — Nothing Lasts Forever

Ничто не длится вечно

Ни одна жизнь не вечна

Помни об этом и люби

Nothing lasts forever
No one lives forever
Keep that in mind, and love
Our life is not the same old burden
Our path is not the same long journey
The flower fades and dies
We must pause to weave perfection into music
Keep that in mind, and love
My beloved, in you I find refuge
Love droops towards its sunset
To be drowned in the golden shadows
Love must be called from its play
And love must be born again to be free
Keep that in mind, and love
My beloved, in you I find refuge
Without seeing my love, I cannot sleep
Let us hurry to gather our flowers
Before they are plundered by the passing winds
It quickens our blood and brightens our eyes
To snatch kisses that would vanish
If we delayed
Our life is eager
Our desires are keen
For time rolls by
Keep that in mind, and loveMy beloved, in you I find refugeBeauty is sweet for a short time
And then it is gone
Knowledge is precious
But we will never have time to complete it
All is done and finished
In eternal heaven
But our life here is eternally fresh
Keep that in mind, and love

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